Who is aaizél?
My heterogeneous imaginary friend

How do you correctly pronounce it?
eye zel. /i-zel /

Where do you see aaizél in the next 5 years?
Places where art and sexuality are embraced

Who or what is your biggest source of inspiration?
Hans Bellmer, 18th century romanticism, late medieval period architecture & male bodies. I love the philosophy of yin-yang, juxtaposition of two contrast elements, romanticism against dark & gothic architectural influences, sexualised male forms against fluid & soft elements, blending history and tradition with modernism. For me it’s all about bringing opposite qualities into a harmonious place and creating something even more beautiful. It’s the perfect balance of myself & aaizél - as he/she is a completely different entity to me

What’s in store for aaizél in the next 6-12 months?
At the moment I’m in Paris preparing for a tradeshow to attain the right distributors for aaizél and absorbing all the beautiful energy being a part of PFW to get my creative juices flowing. Hoping that the new Spring 2017 will be shown across the world and I get to keep travelling and growing aaizél


photography  tré + elmaz
talent thibaut baudelaire
styling rasaan wyzard