Alise & Meg Murie @ five twenty

height: 5''10
hair: blonde
eye: blue

How did you girls first get into modelling?
Meg and Alise: We were a part of our Auntie’s bridal party and the wedding photographer, who had experience with agencies, sent the photos through to an agency! We went in to meet them and everything just happened from there!

The best shoot you've done so far?
Alise: my favourite shoot would have to be either the shoot we did up in the aosta valley, or the marcs campaign! It was such an amazing first shoot back in Australia and the entire team was incredible
Meg: We’ve been lucky to do so many incredible shoots in amazing locations! I shot a fashion film in Sardinia which was super beautiful! Another amazing location in the alps on the border of Italy and France, which was super cool!!

What's the biggest advantage and disadvantage of being twins in the industry?
Alise: The biggest advantage would be having somebody by your side while travelling, it’s so good having someone you know with you all the time. The biggest disadvantage would have to be what meg said, with people grouping us together, but I think most of the time being twins works in our favour
Meg: I think that the biggest advantage is that it is something a little bit different, but often we will be grouped together and people are afraid to separate us, which is sometimes a bit limiting!

What do you guys love most about the other?
Alise: I think my favourite thing about meg is her sense of humour, if I ever feel bad she usually has something to say that makes me feel better
Meg: Ahh this is weird to think about but I think that she basically keeps me grounded, I am usually all over the place and she helps me to sort myself out haha

Who do you idolise / look up to?
Alise: It’s hard to name one person! At the moment I really look up to the celebrities who are using their fame to help and draw attention to people having to cope with discrimination
Meg: There are so many woman I admire, Adele is incredible and I think right now Michelle Obama is doing amazing things! There is such a long list of people I look up to, so many powerful women who are super inspirational!

photography + styling  tré + elmaz
makeup  jess chapman
hair  jordan robertson

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