Andrea Brocca @ go-see. agency


'Unseen' is street casting by us
nsigned, unknown and undiscovered editorial talent. 

height: 6''1
hair: brown
eye: brown


What's your ethnicity?
Italian, Sri Lankan, British, Mongolian

You had a clothing line of your own at such a young age, can you tell us more about how that came about?
I started designing for Temperley London at age 14, and one dress I designed was named after me and sold out on net-a-porter, at this time I was based in Dubai (when I was not in London). News broke out and I started meeting many people in Dubai's concentrated industry, especially as I was taking part in many creative competitions. I started my womenswear label and opened my boutique 'Andrea Brocca' for made-to-measure evening wear in Wafi Mall, and things took off. I was 16 and still in high school at the time, and after multiple check ups I had the honour of being given the Guinness Record as the Youngest Couturier in the World!

Who or what inspires you creatively?
I'm an analyser, I like to look for an answer, or at least a method. I like to use mathematics in my work (Madeleine Vionnet is a big inspiration for example). Currently I am working with the Fibonacci Sequence to create 3 dimensional volumes out of flat fabrics. This technique also gives me the chance to explore the single patterns universe, and thus, a no waste approach to design, which is very inspiring to me

What's the best city you've lived in?

Describe your day to day style
A bit of cowboy, a bit of glam rock, a bit of sportswear, (...a bit of pretentious), but always from a 70's Parisian context. It's tricky to define my style, as it's continuously changing; it's a reflection of my mood in line with the times

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