Andrei Marshall @ storm


height: 6''1
hair: shaved
eye: green



What's your background / ethnicity?
I was born in a small town in Estonia called Narva only a 20 minute drive to the pine forests & beach. I moved to London at the age of 4 with a strong love for my roots and a great excitement for London

What’s the best thing about being a Londoner?
To me the greatest thing about being a Londoner is finding yourself in a subculture. I would say London is very discreet with its culture, as in there's all these groups of different people doing different thing stretching from north to south and they all speak they're own languages. The Beauty in this is it becomes I Tight web across all of London leaving you with never a boring minute
What’s one global issue that that you wish you could fix in an heartbeat
If I could solve any global problem it with be opening the worlds eyes to the fact we are the self destroyers of everything and it is in our blind nature, as we are still fighting one another and for the gain over someone else. As century's roll past, more and more of the world grows corrupt like a cancer but we blindly march on doing the same as we always have
Who inspires you creatively?
However much I am inspired by great artist or philosophers in history my greatest inspiration are the elders around me in my world that have all followed they're passion in a noble way by creating something from the ground up and never lost there head along the way
Where is home?
Although my roots will always be where they are to me it is the cliche of "home is where the heart is". One minute home could be in London with my family and the next in Berlin or Tokyo or Paris. Home is being able to see the world you live in and feel comfortable where you are




photography  tré + elmaz
styling lee trigg
makeup theresa davies
hair dale delaporte

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