Asbjorn Appleby @ milk 


height: 6''3
hair: brown
eye: brown

What’s your background?
My background is half English half danish grew up in Barnes (hella posh you know), then moved to Sunbury (shhhh a bit chavy)

What song is on repeat on your ipod right now?
Song on repeat atm the has to be 'Jungle by Tash sultana' 

How were you scouted?
I was scouted by a photographer who took some pictures of me, we then sent the photos over to MiLK who then signed me on the spot and welcomed me with open arms

Tell us something nobody knows about Asbjorn?
There's very little people don't know about me, but I'd have to say that when I was growing up all ever wanted to be was an inventor

Where is home?
Home has always been where I'm most comfortable, nothing more or less just a safe space where I can feel loved

photography  tré + elmaz
styling tedy eiley
hair issey hyde
makeup mica fiedler

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