Aubrey O Mahony @ img london


height:  6''3
hair: dark blonde
eye: blue



How has your fashion week been so far?
Fashion week, I only did London as I confirmed a job in shanghai and decided to go with that for the remainder of men's fashion week

Which is your favourite city and why?
Favourite city so far hmm I'd say Madrid it's so cheap the foods great, pretty women and there's a cool chill vibe about the place

When you're not modelling you are...?
When I'm not modelling I'm either out with the lads having the craic or out with my dogs hunting

Whats on repeat on your iPod right now?
(Karizma work it out) is being banged out at the moment and on repeat

Where is home?
Home for me is good old Ireland, I live in Kildare which is in the east its well known for its production race horses throughout the world
Not much else to it :)



photography  tré + elmaz
styling anastasiia + maude
makeup gabriella floyd
hair weic lin

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