Ayaana Aschkar-Stevens @ premier


height:  5''10
hair: brown
eye: brown



Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Hackney, East London

How has East London changed since when you were a kid
It's changed a lot due to gentrification. It's now a trendy place to be but wasn't a couple years ago. I like how it is now because there's always fun things to do but I do kind of miss the atmosphere East London had growing up

Tell us what got you into modelling
I've always had an interest in fashion, growing up in such a diverse area made me appreciate the different styles people wore. Also, with the influence of my Uncle who is a fashion designer. I just knew I wanted to be involved in that industry so I did work experience at Premier model management. They asked me to take some pictures one day and I was a bit surprised but as soon as I did I knew it was what I wanted to do

Who's your personal favorite model of the moment
Slick Woods, she's unapologetically herself and challenges the way the modelling industry normally portrays beauty. She's inspiring for young models of colour like myself



photography  tré + elmaz
styling lauren groves
makeup emma regan
hair ronnie woodward

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