Bibi Abdulkadir @ storm


height: 5''9
hair: dark brown
eye: brown



What's your background / ethnicity?

How did you start modelling?
I've been scouted a few times before I found the perfect agency but the first ever time I was scouted, I was 16 and it happened in Primark. Modelling took a while for me to really get into and to really find and appreciate what my own personal style was but once it happened, I was able to welcome and enjoy it.
Being a little shorter was challenging at first but I believe it's all about acceptance of yourself before anything and that was one of the major things I had to learn about myself very quickly. Being a model, you are not going to be everyone's cup of tea and that is okay. Having the best agents in the world also helps ;)

How do you feel people of colour are represented in the fashion industry?
I feel that representation of people of colour in the fashion industry is positively improving. But with that said, often models of colour are casted intentionally with this notion in mind, making them a token of diversity. Diversity is not a trend. Diversity should be fluid and constant, something that surrounds us. Fashion should work towards celebrating the boundless beauty of the world - and that comes in many forms.

If you weren’t modeling what would you be doing?
I just recently graduated from a Pharmacology degree so I'd like to think that I would be getting the hang of my first graduate job right about now.

Where is home?
Home is where you can love and be loved freely. Where you can be yourself. Home is warmth and happiness.




photography  tré + elmaz
styling forever yeon
makeup gabriella floyd
hair sachi yamashita

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