Chawntell Kulkarni @ storm


height: 5''9
hair: brown
eye: brown


Whats your background?
I was born in Mumbai, India. I’m part Goan and part Maharastrian. I lived there till I was 3. I don’t have many memories there but my parents made sure to document literally every second I spent breathing on camera
Tell us about your experience being a british-indian and how your culture has impacted your life in London

I came to the UK when I was 3. I feel like the struggle really begun when I started school. Of course I had great friends, but the memories of being bullied especially by older children still stick with me. Even as a kid I kind of knew when I was being picked on for my “Indianess”. I came into school on the first day of year 3 and consciously decided to change my accent. I dissociated with my Indian heritage as much as I could. I felt disgusted calling myself Indian. When I was younger, I really felt like my culture was a burden
Who is someone dead or alive that you would love to have dinner with and why?
A specific person doesn’t come to mind, but I would love to have dinner with a person from pre-colonial times. Someone from one of the ancient societies where time had little importance and people lived as if life was eternal. Someone who’s language doesn’t even entertain the idea of “future”! I feel like in modern society everyone is pushed to be obsessed with the future and the past and to keep an eye on how we spend our time. The concept of “wasting time” is insane to me, we try so hard to be in control of things we will never have control over. I really feel like one day I’m going to give up everything and go live as a monk somewhere
What’s your style inspiration?
I’m heavily influenced by the people around me in real life and my mutuals on Instagram. I also like to tie in cultural items mostly jewelry and bindis, as a way to reclaim a part of my identity that I’ve despised and neglected for so long.

Where is home?
So chiché but wherever my family is. I’m very fortunate that I get to go back to India every year to spend time with my family, and every time I do I realise how much my environment changes I feel less alone in the world and I feel like there’s no need for me to have a purpose when I’m surrounded by these people I know I have a solid connection to






photography  tré + elmaz
styling lee trigg
makeup theresa davies
hair dale delaporte

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