Duckie Thot @ chadwicks 


height:  5''10.5
hair: black
eye: brown



What has been the toughest thing about being a model so far in your career?
Patience. Working in such a demanding industry, it’s hard to be patient. Everything doesn't magically happen after a single job and so many people make it seem that way. It takes a long time working on your craft to come out on top

Who do you look up to in the industry and why?
I've always looked up to Pat Mcgrath. The more I work with her the more I admire her. She's a hard working, determined woman and her own boss

Does being an ethnic model in Australia give you an advantage or disadvantage?
It depends on how you look at it. On one hand yes, as there are fewer models of colour that are represented by agencies, making it easier to book those jobs when clients are looking for a certain look. On the other hand, this can have a detrimental effect in the Australian fashion industry. Because of the lack of broader range of ethnic models, agencies won't take on any more as there is no demand for it.
Regardless, this has been a debate since the supermodel era

What does Duckie get up to on her day off?
Duckie is definitely sleeping in. With the high level of work demand here in New York, the 8 hour day isn't realistic here.
I doze off until roughly around 10am then go find a place to go for brunch with a girlfriend. I also try and squeeze a workout in and some downtime, whether it be listening to my favourite tunes or picking up a pen and writing, it's important to sit back and take a minute to chill in such a busy city

Where is home?
Well, I was born and raised in Melbourne Australia, I'm currently living in New York but I've always been drawn to South Sudan.
Australia is home but for some reason when I go to South Sudan I have a feeling my views may change


photography  tré + elmaz
styling  bel rich
makeup emily moran
hair xeneb @ curly siouxsie

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