Elizabeth Davison @ premier


height:  5''10
hair: brown
eye: green



You have walked quite a few seasons for Chanel and even met Karl Lagerfeld. Tell us about this experience
Walking Chanel the few times I was lucky enough to was such a surreal experience. Terror of course was my go to emotion when I first heard that I'd be walking in one of the famous Chanel shows. Yet it was shocking to me how quickly I became relaxed in that environment. Not once did I find Karl intimidating, I actually found him to be a very sweet, calm man and they take very good care of their models. Everything is organized and extravagant and really just an incredible experience
If you weren't modelling you would be...?

If I wasn't modelling I'd probably just now be graduating highschool and planning my way into college. I'd have some normal teenage job and be busy rebelling against my parents. ;)

Who/What inspires you?
 It inspires me to watch people get excited about something. When someone is passionate about something, no matter what it is, it's written all over their face clear as day. You can feel the buzz in their energy and see the light in their face. That excites me. Makes me want to feel part of what they do

Name one thing you cannot live without
I know this question is asking about a 'thing' but my answer is a 'who'. My sister. Material things can be replaced, a best friend can't

Where is home?
Alberta, Canada although I spend most of my time in London



photography + styling  tré + elmaz
makeup virginia bertolani
hair hirokazu endo

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