Elodie Russell @ chadwick


height:  5''9
hair: light blonde
eye: blue



What has been the highlight of your modelling career so far?
Probably modelling in Paris is the highlight of my career. It seemed like a dream to me that I was in such a surreal place to pursue something I love doing. I can't wait to go back!!

You recently shot with Pierre Toussaint and Georges Antoni, describe your experience shooting with these two Australian Photography icons?
I admire and follow both of the photographers on instagram, they both have such different eyes for photography. I did do a photography course so it's interesting to see how differently each one works and how their styles are so different. Pierre's style is finding beauty in something so simplistic whereas Georges focusing on finding a moment through movement and expression . To meet and work with each was both inspiring and exciting for me.

What other agencies around the world are you signed with?
Besides Chadwick in Australia, I'm signed with Oui Management in Paris, The Hive Management in London, Women Management in Milan, Modelwerk in Germany, Image models in Tokyo, and 62 Models in New Zealand.

Whats on the agenda for 2017?
I'm in Sydney up until March, and then I'll head off to either London or Paris again for a few months, hopefully New York by the end of the year too!

Where is home?
Geelong is my home. I still live with my parents when I'm not travelling the world because I'm only a baby 19 year old haha!!


photography  tré + elmaz
styling  bel rich
makeup emily moran
hair xeneb @ curly siouxsie

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