Hannah Elyse @ the hive


height: 5''10
hair: brown
eye: brown


What’s your background?
Australian. I grew up in the projects, western suburbs of Sydney

Tell us about your tattoos
the hannya is a mask representing a jealous female demon, I got that done at lighthouse tattoo in Sydney Australia. my fiancé @louis.loveless tattooed his name on my arm in Paris

You have been a regular on the Louis Vuitton catwalk for quite a few seasons now. How has it been working with visionary Ghesquiere and the rest of the LV team?
Nicolas is the most beautiful person i have worked for. it’s really nice to walk in every season and see him smiling, i get so excited to see the new collection and the entire Louis Vuitton team treats me like a family should

Name a model of the moment who is making waves in the industry right now and why
Teddy Quinlivan is the queen of runway. her walk is killer

Where is home?
I travel between London and Paris. Paris feels more like home right now that’s the first city i went to for Louis Vuitton, I’m in love with the city, my lover is there right now too so it’s really special when I can be there


photography  tré + elmaz
styling maude
makeup mattie white
hair shaun mcintosh

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