Ia Wenedikter @ models1


height:  5''8
hair: brown
eye: blue


You were just recently featured in Vivienne Westwood's SS16 Campaign, tell us about that day on set
It was really fun! We explored Venice and took photos at different and unique places, for example inside a castle-like building in central Venice. Working with Juergen Teller was, and is, really fun since you never really know what is going to happen!

How were you scouted when you first started modelling?
Via Instagram!

Where is your favourite city in the world and why?
Hard question. There is so many cities I want to visit, but right now I would probably say Vienna. I love all museums there, and the atmosphere.

Where does your name originate from and how do you correctly pronounce it?
My parents wanted to name me "Caroline" but my 2 year old brother coudn't say "Caroline" at the time, so he kept on calling me "IA" instead. My parents liked that more so they decided to give me that name. Well.. how to pronunce it... like a donkey, "eeeee-ahhhh"!

Where is home?
My home will, for now, always be Nyhamnsläge in Sweden, where I grew up and still live with my family. My second home is the forest, especially the one close to Nyhamnsläge, which is truly enigmatic and beautiful.

photography  tré + elmaz
styling yeon you
hair hirokazu endo
makeup ziima yosuke nakajima

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