India Ruiterman @ milk


height: 5''1
hair: dark brown
eye: green



What's your background?
I am half English and half Dutch
Who is your hero?
I don’t believe in hero’s. I want to become my own hero and prove that I am strong enough to overcome life’s hurdles. I am the only one that can control my happiness and success

If you could fix one global issue, what would it be and why?
Plastic. It ain’t going anywhere!! Its devastating to see how harmful plastic is to sea life and the environment and we need to do something about it Asap. There’s an incredible company called Vegware which is infiltrating which does takeaway cups/lunch boxes/straws etc all made from plants and completely compostable - this is the way the future needs to go!
What are three things you absolutely cannot live without?
My mum, she’s like my PA, emotional support and best friend all in one!!
Coffee, I spend an outrageous amount of money on coffee but I really appreciate a good roast - London has an amazing speciality coffee scene! I have an espresso machine that I’ve been practising my home grown barista skills with, the latte art still has room for some improvement though!!
Almond butter. On everything

Where is home? 
Home is Nottingham or Yorkshire. Home is wherever my family is!






photography  tré + elmaz
styling forever yeon
makeup gabriella floyd
hair sachi yamashita

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