India Tuersley @ tess management


height: 5'6.5
hair: blonde
eye: blue green



What inspires you creatively?
The environment is my main source of inspiration followed by people and fashion
Favourite shoot to date?
If I had to choose just one it would probably be the shoot with Miles Aldridge for Vogue Italia
You recently came back from a trip to Australia, how did you find working over there compared to the work you do in London?
I loved going to Sydney and I found it quite different as it was more commercial in comparison to London. Shoots were generally a lot more flattering which isn't always the case in London which is more edgy and unusual
Best and worst thing about modelling?
Best thing is getting to work with such a diverse range of photographers and creative people. Worse thing is probably how last minute it's all is, never really knowing what I'm doing the next day until the evening before which is always quite exciting but it does make planning things difficult
Where is home?
A very small place called Wardour in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside



photography  tré + elmaz
styling anastasiia + maude
makeup mica fiedler
hair weic lin

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