Izaak Deklerk @ five twenty


height: 6''2
hair: blonde
eye: blue

Tell us something about yourself that not many will know
I like most genres of music! even classical haha

If you could be anything other than a model, what would it be?
Not really sure that's something I'm trying to figure out

Where does Izaak call home?
Home to me is being outdoors, amongst nature

We noticed you are signed in Paris and Milan, any other cities your keen to work in and why?
New York for obvious reasons ha! London would be great and I've got lots of family over there. And lastly to live in Barcelona because I think it would be a cool lifestyle

Song that is on repeat on your iPod right now
By any means- schoolboy Q 


photography + styling  tré + elmaz
hair and grooming  dolly ward

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