Jan Carlos + Hector Diaz @ storm


height: 6''2
hair: brown
eye: brown



What's your background / ethnicity?
(both) We are latin American from Dominican Republic

What has been the highlight of your career so far and why?
(Jan Carlos) It's a difficult choice because I've had an amazing experience but the highlight of my career has been Shooting the Calvin Klein Campaign with my Twin brother and walking for Balmain, 2 seasons in a row!
(Hector) The highlight of my career would be working for major designers like Olivier Rousteing and big brands like Gap and Zara. Growing up wearing these brands and now working with them and being apart of they’re success makes me feel like I’m apart of something bigger and thats a goal I feel I have accomplished

Who (or what) influences your creativity?
(Jan Carlos) My creativity is influenced by early 2000 films, 80s and 90s aswell such as The Breakfast club , Fight club ! I am also really influenced by Editorial work in Magazines like Dazed , Vman, Wmag etc
(Hector) My experiences in life really influence my creativity. Being a Model is becomes more than just wearing the clothes and walking or posing. I see and learn alot of new things in terms of fashion and tailoring

If you could fix one global issue, what would it be and why?
(Jan Carlos) One global issue I would want to fix is Racism. I am proud of being Latin American in this industry that prides itself on its diversity and really hope that other industries follow our footsteps along with the world
(Hector) If I could fix a global issue it would be hunger and starvation. Its really sad to know that somewhere on this rock there are people struggling to eat and being born into a place that might not be economically great. In 2018 I'm eager to involve myself in helping people in need

Where is home?
(both) Manhattan, New York




photography  tré + elmaz
styling forever yeon
makeup gabriella floyd
hair sachi yamashita

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