Johan Kroon @ supa


height: 6''2
hair: blonde
eye: blue



What’s your background / ethnicity?
I'm from Estonia and almost fully Estonian. Got some mixed blood from way up the heritage tree, I think Swedish and also a bit of Russian, but it's pretty small percent

Tell us the best and worst thing about modelling
The best of modelling is definitely travelling and seeing different people and cultures across the world. It's very eye-opening not only about the behaviours and manners of these people in different parts of our world but also about myself. I can reflect on these people and notice how I have grown to be who I am and what is possible for human nature to become. Thanks to that I've become very interested in ethnicities and cultures in general. The worst thing about modelling would probably be the unreliability in achieving success. Often other people can trust when and how much money they make. With models it's more difficult to become better at your job as it often comes down to your face and the level of jobs you've done in the past. As I like to rely on my skill, I sometimes find it a bit frustrating and demotivating

Who or what inspires you creatively?
I'm often creatively inspired through the people around me and the processes I'm involved in. In both of these cases it usually comes down to what we are doing for the good of other people or the world around us. I've always told myself I wanna leave the world in a better state before I leave this place, and I've always looked for opportunities to do that. I consider myself a super-optimist when it comes down to the future of earth and mankind, and never listen to people who say that there's gonna be an end of the world. Many call me naive, but I think it's just a matter of time until people became aware enough of the roots of issues in the world and start taking responsibility for their own part in it.
It seems like a lot but to put it in one sentence I think my future job will be involved in humanitarianism

If you could fix one global issue, what would it be and why?
I think if it would be possible to loose all the guns in the world over night, that's what I would do. All they're used for is to end someone's life on this planet before it's supposed to end. The weapons industry is the biggest industry in the world right now alongside with medical industry, but in the last decades it's become a money making machine and wherever there's a warzone, both sides are supplied with weaponry often from companies of the same country. I don't like this situation and hope people can come together and stop fighting for whatever reasons they make up

Where is home?
My home is planet earth and my body. Wherever I feel good in these two, that is where I want and like to be. I was never too attached to any particular place, but Estonia for sure has many good memories and is always gonna be a bit dearer than other places






photography  tré + elmaz
styling forever yeon
makeup gabriella floyd
hair sachi yamashita

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