Kaya Holl @ wilhelmina london


height: 6''1.5
hair: dark brown
eye: brown


What’s your background / ethnicity?
My mother is full Dutch and my father is half Indian, a quarter Scottish and a quarter Chinese. Which makes me half of all those things. I was born in Amsterdam actually and then moved to Australia at the age of 2. Grew up in Melbourne during my childhood

Currently Australia is voting whether gay marriage should become legal or not. What’s your take on this topic, being a straight Australian-raised male working in the fashion industry?
I’m all for it! I’ve been raised to love and appreciate people for who they are. I voted for gay marriage a few weeks ago and I strongly believe that it should be legal. Everyone should be allowed to express their love however they feel

Who or what inspires you most?
Honestly, the people I surround myself with gives my the greatest inspiration. Everyone close in my life are well spirited, creative and enthusiastic in what they do

Best and worst thing about the industry?
The worst would probably have to be the false hope that is put into the minds of many starting out models. You tend to hear “I can see you doing this and that…”. But most often or not you won’t really get close to any of those predictions. Winter fashion weeks is also no fun… the early morning call times in freezing cold temperatures. Now for the best. The modelling industry takes you to some amazing places around the world that you would never have thought about going. You are also able to meet many likeminded people. I’ve created some great lifelong friendships thanks to modelling

Where is home?
Barcelona is currently home and has been for over a year. I will always consider Melbourne as home also though


photography  tré + elmaz
styling maude
makeup mattie white
hair shaun mcintosh

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