Lera Bubleyko @ karin models


height: 5''8.5
hair: dark blonde
eye: brown


What's your background / nationality?
I born in Kiev, this is the capital city of Ukraine

What has been the best and worst part of being apart of the fashion industry?
The main thing of fashion industry that you never know what you going to do next day. You just always travel, go to different cities. I really like this part of modelling, because I can meet a lot of interesting people and learn different cultures. But one bad thing that I'm miss my home, family, friends in Kiev

Name a model, past or present, that you look up to and why?
All other Ukrainian models working in New York, London and Paris. So proud to see so many Ukrainians doing well in the fashion industry

If you could fix one global issue, what would it be and why?
There is a lot of thing in the world what needs change. Can't identify one in particular but I think just equal rights would be probably the main one

Where is home?
My home is in Ukraine. It's so good to be back home after long work trip, see my family and just take a break - I love it



photography  tré + elmaz
styling edem dossou
styling assistant chris wood
makeup miki matsunaga
hair hiro endo

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