Luka Isaac @ kate moss agency


height: 6''2
hair: brown
eye: brown


Tell us about where you grew up and what brought you to Paris
I came back to Paris after almost 3 years in Berlin for work. I grew up in Marseille

You are well known in Paris for throwing some wild parties, how did 'Kaliante' come about and what makes its different from other parties in Paris?
We try to push and work on the atmosphere in a more general way, from the set design to the sound. We also try to recreate and reinvent the french scene. We work with different collaborators and locations each time and use the space as the stage. With a real respect of our culture, we are not trying to do Berlin in Paris like everyone else because this doesn't really work or exist. We are there to prove that we can also have a French scene in rave and eclectic electronic.

What's been the best shoot to date?
When I had to be Bruce Lee for Man about town ! ahaha ..

Who is someone in any industry that inspires you creatively
I am inspired by a lot of people but if I had to say one person in film I’d say Rainer Werner Fassbinder and in cinema Gaspar Noe. 

In fashion I’d say McQueen and in design/Architecture I’d say le Corbusier.. plus many more!

Where is home?


photography  tré + elmaz
styling anastasiia + maude
makeup jonathon luke
hair issey hyde

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