Manami Kinoshita @ storm


height:  5''7.5
hair: black
eye: brown


What has been, in your eyes, your best shoot to date?
The shooting with Nick Night which was for a fashion award video. I really enjoyed shooting that video. Also shooting with Harley Weir's is always so much fun

What do you get up to other than modelling?
I enjoy my time being with my friends. And also just simply spending my time listening to music or watching a film by myself. But it's always double the fun with good company

Name some of your favourite things in the world
My family and my friends

Name some of your favourite things in the world
They are all unio mystica and they are to protect me

Where is home?
I do feel like it's Tokyo but after coming to London, all the people surrounding me certainly makes me feel like home here too. I think I feel home when I feel comfortable with the people around me

photography  tré + elmaz
styling yeon you
hair hirokazu endo
makeup ziima yosuke nakajima

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