Marelise Bots @ img paris


height: 5''9
hair: brown
eye: blue



What's your background?
My dad grew up in Surinam and my mom is Canadian. I was born in Amsterdam and grew up in the north of the Netherlands. I live in a rural community in the province of Friesland, My hometown is very small and calm but there aren't many job/study opportunities. It's a great place to unwind

How was your last show season for you?
It was great! It was quite busy since it was my first ''real'' fashion week, I had a blast though. I kind of miss the subway system now. I loved every show since you get styled differently every time and you transform into a whole new character.

Any tips / tricks on how to stay in shape to prep for fashion week?
I took a few lessons in bikram yoga to prep myself. It was very intense. It helped me build up a lot of stamina and perseverance for the days to come.
Food-wise, I try to eat three big nutritious meals a day without snacking. I mainly eat plant-based whole foods because it makes me feel good. I have pet chickens, so when I'm at home I add eggs to my diet.

How do you get inspired creatively?
Sometimes I feel inspired by an exhibition, but it can also be by something more simple like a street musician or youtube video. Listening to music tends to amp-up my creativity as well. The last while I've been listening to Wednesday Campanella whilst drawing. Her album 'Zipangu/ジパング' is amazing.

Where is home?
Planet Earth!!




photography  tré + elmaz
styling edem dossou
styling assistant chris wood
makeup miki matsunaga
hair hiro endo

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