Memu Conteh @ five twenty


height: 5''9
hair: brown
eye: brown

So you have been referred to as the female Tyson Beckford, how do you feel about that comparison?
To even be mentioned in the same sentence as the worlds most successful male model is a blessing. I'll take that complement any day, it's an honour

Who's one model that inspires you to do what you do? 
That's a tough one I have several, It's between Naomi Cambell & Tyra Banks, both beautiful female black models who have turned the title of Super Model into something else. Great bussiness women in their field and have paved the way for coloured models around the world. The ultimate goal is to be respected in your industry, they have earned that on and off the cat walk

What's your background?
I'm Sierra Leonian, and come from the Mende tribe

What makes Memu happiest?
Seeing people happy is when I'm most happiest

Describe yourself in five words
Positive, Energetic, Outgoing, Thoughtful and FUN!

photography + styling  tré + elmaz
hair and makeup  sarina zoe

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