Moya Palk @ select


height:  5''10
hair: brown
eye: blue


What's your background?
I was born in Macclesfield in the north west of England, although with my name nobody expects me to be a northerner!
Tell us in five words how your best friend would describe you?

Fun, sarcastic, friendly, humble and honest
What is one thing you just cannot live without?
Definitely music!
What is the best thing about being a model in today's society?
I think it's having the opportunity to voice your opinions using social media followings to broadcast your views to such a wide audience, which I've seen a lot of models do more recently.
Where is home?
In Macclesfield, my hometown, with my parents, my sisters and my Jack Russell Gus!

photography  tré + elmaz
styling yeon you
hair hirokazu endo
makeup ziima yosuke nakajima

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