Niko Riam @ milk management


height: 5''11
hair: dark brown
eye: brown



Whats your background ?
My family are from South Sudan, but I was brought up in London

What do you love most about London?
I can do anything at anytime in London, you can have multi-coloured hair and have your trousers down to your knees in London, you can truly be yourself, it’s an expressive city

Tell us what has been the highlight of your career so far and what would be your dream job to land
The Creativity issue for i-D - I shot two editorials with Harley Weir and Tim Walker and they are the most amazing photos I produced in my career so far. I love being part of photographers visions and seeing myself in a different light. The images shot by Harley were so artistic, Cyndia Harvey on Hair, Thomas Dekluyer on makeup and Julia on styling so that was already a BOMB team so there was no doubt that the images are going to be great. Working continuously with Tim Walker makes me so happy as I love all of his work, I feel like I wake up in an imaginary world in his shoots, I enjoy doing really strong editorials. I would to shoot for Balenciaga

How has your experience been so far, being a model of colour in 2017? Do you think there is enough representation for coloured women currently working in fashion?
I have been modelling for 18months and so far I have had a good experience, I’ve worked with so many creative people. The representation of women of colour has improved if I was to compare images from ten years ago to now. I do not have many issues with makeup artists or hairstylists in the industry however, the difference experiences I have encountered between the two are that if a makeup artist is struggling to do my makeup they will ask me questions, find out what brands I use, my undertone, they will try and learn. If a hairstylist doesn’t know how to do my hair they usually don’t do it

Where is home?
As much as I love my home land, my people, my family in South Sudan, London is home just because of my upbringing and like I’ve said it’s a great city




photography  tré + elmaz
styling forever yeon
makeup carly lim
hair hiro endo

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