Peyton Knight @ img london


height: 5''9
hair: light brown
eye: blue



Tell us something nobody knows about Peyton
Until I was 15, my dad made me breakfast in bed everyday before school consisting of 2 toaster strudels, half a banana and 3 pieces of bacon with a glass of milk, and I would literally pass out if I tried to shower before eating it.

You've shot with some of the best photographers in the industry and worked with brands such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Alexander Wang to name a few. Which shoot was your personal favourite, and why?
Ooh, this is always tough. I'd have to say Elle UK fashion cover and story. We flew to Catania, Sicily and lived in the most epic villa in the countryside for 5 days where these lovely ladies cooked everything from scratch off the land around it. My window opened up to Mount Etna which would let off smoke in the morning, and my terrace wrapped around to see the shores. We shot in ancient castle ruins, on a volcanic beach, and at a theme park. The whole team quickly felt like family, and the captivating scenery will forever be impressed upon my mind.

Name something that the industry is missing...
I think agencies should provide health care benefits and a 401K for models and artists.

Your friends call you peanut, can you tell us the story behind this nickname?
It all started in 4th grade. Back then, email was becoming more of a thing especially with my age group and all the chat rooms, so my friend helped me start my first account. She told me you should never use your real name but it should be similar, so I went with (now my spam email). It just STUCK-- from then on out, everyone was like, "Oh yeah, you kinda remind me of a peanut" or "you look a little like a peanut!" My friends in the industry started calling me it, too, before they even knew about the email, solely because I "just [am] a peanut."''

Where is home?
Home is Missouri



photography  tré + elmaz
styling anastasiia + maude
makeup mica fiedler
hair tuesday rose

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