Rockwell Harwood @ img london


height:  6''2
hair: brown
eye: green


How do you find being in London compared to being back in your hometown in NYC?
Nothing will ever compare to Brooklyn, NY. London is pretty dope, but Brooklyn will always be on top. The fact that you cant get a bacon egg and cheese on every corner or a dollah slice of pizza breaks my heart. I do miss NY, but if theres one thing I'm grateful for is that IMG has allowed me to see the world and meet loads of people, which hasn't always been the best experience, but hey thats life. BK taught me to stay true to my roots, and I couldn't be happier traveling the world and being able to be the most original form of myself...

What do you like to get up to in your downtime?
I grew up playing futbol. It was always an escape from whatever was going on around me. I was always adventurous. Everything I've learned and done I figured out on my own. I've grown a passion for all the arts. Street art in Brooklyn is kinda easy to get into, everybody writes on walls...its kind of impossible for me not to...I just love creating thoughts anonymously and seeing how long they can stay up for before some asshole buffs it. Its beautiful to me...

Tell us something not many know about Rocky?
Something yall don’t know about me? I guess because i grew up so independent, I talk to myself more than communicate with human life forms. Late night train rides home were the worst. Or I guess the best. I could create story after story, thought after thought and I remember every night stepping off the shitty MTA Train service, stopping and saying "what the fuck is wrong wit me..."

What's on repeat on your ipod at the moment?
First of all, I ACTUALLY use an ipod, not an iphone. I cant stand my cellphone. I was actually forced into having one like 3 weeks ago? It keeps everyone bound in and generic. I honestly don’t even like listening to music as much as i would rather make it, because downloaded songs are expect the same shit everytime. Even with all the classics. Jimi, Tribe Called Quest...youre just going to hear the same formulation of sounds everytime. BUT since this is the question, the person that I cant go a day without listening to on my OG ass brolic IPOD CLASSIC would be between Jeff Buckley, Tribe Called Quest, and Connan Mockasin

Where is home?
To be honest I don’t know where home is. I love the feeling of spontaneously finding hideaways. Whether that be in the tunnels of trains filled with graffiti masterpieces, or in an untouched cove where I can shred the surf heavens. I guess home is where I can be the most original me...and to me thats a beautiful thing being able to be anywhere on this planet and sharing my life with animate and inanimate beings around home is everywhere to me


photography  tré + elmaz
styling yeon you
hair hirokazu endo
makeup ziima yosuke nakajima

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