Rowena Xi Kang @ chadwicks


height: 5''9
hair: dark brown
eye: brown

Tell us something nobody knows about Rowena?
People wouldn't guess that I have a really violent temper as I'm usually quite complacent but it does take a lot for me to become angry

What other skills/talents do you have other then modelling?
I can play the piano at an 8th grade level, I'm lead singer in a band called Sad Vance Jaunty and I can eat 7 Krispy Kreme donuts in one sitting. Guess which one I'm most proud of...

Who is your all time favourite model?
I love Liu Wen, I think she really helped pave the way for Asian models in the industry

How would your friends describe you? Truthfully of course
My friends would probably describe me as a huge softie with a tough exterior, 'talk the talk but doesn't walk the walk' kinda deal

How do you feel the industry embraces diversity in models? Do you think it's an advantage or disadvantage being an ethnic model in today's world?
I've often come away from castings feeling disappointed and frustrated from the lack/treatment of ethnic models. There is less work to be picked up for models of colour and for a lot of the work our individual physicality is not really taken into account, we're often hired just to be the 'token ethnic model'

photography + styling  tré + elmaz
makeup patricia dima
hair xeneb @ curly siouxsie using david mallett

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