Simon Blom @ london mgmt


height: 6''2
hair: light blonde
eye: blue

Where's your favourite place in the world and why?
I love Copenhagen in the summer. Mostly because of my family who live there, but also because of the idylic atmosphere. But in saying that I do not have a one favourite place, because every place I go is different in its own way which keeps it interesting

How would you describe your experience so far as a model?
I would say I have a bit experience caurse I have been working as a model from when I was 14, then I walked Prada and now today. However before I had school commitments which now I am free to do modelling and travel with work full-time.

What do you get up to in your downtime?
Usually I put music on to either chill out or get pumped to train

Tell us a secret
I love Starwars (the movies) Shh...

What's on repeat on your iPod right now? 
Right now The Black Keys - lonely boy is on repeat but desiigner - Tiimmy Turner is also playing now and then

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