Sofia Madjarova @ prm


height: 5''10
hair: brown
eye: brown

Describe yourself in five words
If I had to pick five words to describe myself with I would probably choose: creative, loving, hard-headed, evolving and clumsy - That last one for sure

Any other interests/aspirations other that modelling?
Oh yeah definitely!  It is pretty surreal for me to be a part of the fashion industry and I am enjoying it a lot but I would love to work on my mixology/bartending more.  I'm also very interested in prop making and special effects design for movies

What's your star sign? 
I am the really sensitive one that lives in her own crazy world.  In other words: Pisces 

Dream city to live/work in? 
I don't really like setting up camp or choosing a one and only location. I like moving around alot. I've already lived in a couple of different cities throughout my life thus far for different periods of time and I think I want Berlin to be my next temporary home.  That city just speaks youthfulness and creativity to me

Where is home? 
Home will aways be where my amazing Mom is

photography + styling   tré + elmaz

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