Sophie Ryan @ img sydney


height: 5''11
hair: brown
eye: brown

Describe your day-to-day style?
My day-to-day style is casual usually involves denim and a little hint of grunge

Where is home?
Home for me is currently in the Sutherland shire on the south Coast, but anywhere my family goes I can find a home with them

What makes you happy?
Being around my family and friends and just hanging out with people I care about makes me happy. Also being out in the sunshine and having a splash in the water in summer

What inspires you?
I think positive people who are always happy and smiling inspire me because they help me to see that the glass is half full

Who's your favourite model  of all time?
My favourite model right now is probably Bella Hadid. I love her unique sense of style and high cheekbones

photography + styling  tré + elmaz
hair dale delaporte
makeup cat smith

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