Sydney Barber @ img sydney


height:  5''9
hair: blonde
eye: blue


Are you signed anywhere else in the world other then Sydney?
I'm signed with IMG in London & Paris, Unique in Auckland and Bravo in Tokyo, (which happens to be one of my favourite cities)

What's been the best shoot you've done to date and who was it with?
The shoots I love the most are eccentric and often a little crazy. One of these was with Tracey Lee Hayes, for the Emporium Melbourne campaign, in which I spent hours immersed in a giant ball-pit, posing for a suspended camera. No regrets

What else do you do other then modelling?
I've always loved sewing and design, so when I'm not modelling I'm in my sewing studio, designing and creating everything from lingerie to designer dog threads

Is it coincidence that you live in the city that is also your name? Is there a story behind your parents calling you Sydney
It is a coincidence - and I often get "How do you like Sydney, Sydney?" thrown at me. My namesake is a long story, but suffice to say, I wish my parents had taken into consideration that fact that my surname rhymes with 'Harbour'

Where is home?
I'm originally from just outside a country town called 'Dubbo' but was quite nomadic during my childhood. I now hang my hat in Sydney


photography  tré + elmaz
styling judy lee
hair + makeup jess chapman @ network agency

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