Tadgh Ahern @ unseen


'Unseen' is street casting by us
unsigned, unknown and undiscovered editorial talent.

height: 6''3
hair: dark brown
eye: green

Who or what is your biggest creative inspiration and why?
I guess in terms of creativity it would have to be some one like johnny rotten and vivienne westwood as they started a whole part of the culture of England just by hating on shit in a new way like its great . We need to be open to complete honesty. People are taught to love everything or just stay quiet like fuck that if you think its wank tell the world its wank

Name five things you can't live without
Ermmm definately my phone like im on the tubes so much that I don’t wanna hear peoples shitty stories about how they might’ve left the oven on. Number 2 is like not physical but I think no one should go without an adrenaline rush once every day or few days like lets ya know that ya heart still beats and its just fucking fun to get the rush. Damn, this is hard and im only at 3, thing is I always have to carry mints or gum because like not even for the fact of fresh breath but its fun to flick it in the air and catch it. I feel like an olympian when it goes well - that’s me. No one should ever live without a fuck tonne of weird jewellery like I must have 20 rings that make no sense to me at all but it makes ya hands look less plain. Lastly I could not live without dumb people like it sounds weird but I pride myself on noticing other peoples dumbness and turning it into my ideas for art so like if Trump becomes president I'm gonna be the next fucking McQueen

What do you get up to in your downtime?
I’m terrible I always buy clothes like I have a full on wardrobe amd three rails and i dont even wear it all I just see them and have to buy because like why not its just money. I have a thing for climbing on roofs with my jolly ole mates and just doing some stupid shit that would probably get us killed but I’m sure it will make us laugh in 30 years. I generally hate planning days out I just roll with whatever happens

What's your all time favourite film and why?
Ermmm im not really a film person like I hate having to sit there for 2 hours straight but I have seen some good films like public enemies would have to be my favourite because johnny depp played a good gangster during the era when crime was a job worth doing and who dosent love a good action film after all

What's your background?
Well my name originates from Ireland but my mum spelt it wrong because she was hungover from the night before so its uniquely wank and all this bollocks but I kinda hate it because my dads the irish half of me and hes a bit of a dick but I got big brows off him so hes not all bad

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photography + styling  tré + elmaz
grooming naomi regan