Tedy Eiley


How did you both start working together?
We met in school where we were put in the same group at first year. We started working together and helping each other with our own projects. It came very naturally to us because we are always drawn to the same stuff visually and have a similar aesthetic. We became friends and trust each other’s opinion very much that we decided to work together for our final collection

What are the benefits of working as a duo in this industry?
The industry is very hard nowadays especially when you are just starting out. Being a duo especially if you are matched well, I think it give you the benefit mentally and physically. We can produce more work as we physically  are two and we can separate the work we are good at and focus on that. Mentally we feel much less stressed with each other especially since we can get a clear opinion from each other. You know it is hard to get 100% unfiltered opinion without sugar coating it. We could be brutally honest to each other without being offended which brings alot more substance to our work and makes it stronger.

Describe your style in one sentence
PUBERTY GIRL AND BOY - they are fragile, awkward and complex

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Everywhere! We love going to art galleries and exhibition. We have a similar aesthetic when it comes to art and design. We like music too, and we love performance artist and movies. But sometimes we also get ideas from watching people walking down the streets. It is another random thing we do where we would go to coffee shops and sit at the bar seats just to watch people passing by. Eiley would make completely fake stories based on their looks. It is very silly and funny but sometimes we get a fresh idea from that.

Where do you see Tedy Eiley in 5 years from now?
Hopefully TEDY EILEY would grow into a respectable high end brand. Obviously our dream would be to have stockist at all the cool boutiques like Dover Street Market. We just hope that people would wear and buy our clothing and have appreciation to what we do. But in the real picture, we would probably be fighting in the studio like always and singing along to cheesy songs together while working, as always


photography + styling  tré + elmaz
featuring  asbjorn @ milk + sofia @ prm
makeup mica fiedler
hair issey hyde