Thibaut Baudelaire @ greg tyshing


height: 6''0
hair: light brown - blonde
eye: green


What’s your favourite city and why?
I don’t really have favourite city to be honest.I really have enjoyed my time in each city I have lived in before. But if I have to chose one it would be Melbourne - for the quality of life, the people, the party and artistic mood

Tell us about your jewellery line and the concept behind it?
A96 was born during my time in New York. I was staying with a bunch of creative people and decided to create my own jewellery project. It started just as small project, making rings for my friends, but when I back to France I decided to make it bigger, since this time I focussed more on the brand and come up with new designs all the time. The concept is to make rings with teeth and also grillz. Both of them made with the metal Chrome Cobalt which has amazing proprieties.
This idea came about whilst I was studying dental a few years ago. I was making rings in class instead of my uni work. Now that’s my dream… to make jewels

Any plans for the next 6 months?
For next few month I’m preparing an other project with my friends Resilients. We are going to open an art galerie in Paris 11e and our ‘‘photos and jewellery’’ offices as well. The idea is to have great artists exposing in this galerie, and also our work, doing lots of late exhibition and communication

Favourite thing to do in Paris?
I love to do lots of things in Paris, all depends of the mood of the day. I love walking in Paris 4e and have a beer at the stolly’s bar. I love to chill on the dock, sit and smoke cigarette with a pretty girl, and I love to have a mint tea in Barbès with my brother

Where is home?
My home is Bordeaux the prettiest city ever

photography  tré + elmaz
styling rasaan wyzard
hair sachi yamashita
makeup anna sadamori
assistant minhee jo